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 We are Wise Jennings and we are so happy you are here!


The sound of husband-and-wife duo Wise Jennings is something found only when a patently obvious musical connection onstage is so deeply impacted by their lives together off stage.  Melissa and Jeff have realized a gift for authentic artistry that is playful, powerful, and sometimes dark.  A tarantula in cotton candy.  Wise Jennings borrows from gypsy, ragtime, punk, Americana, rock and roll and country music.  The cherry on top is that they sound like a 4-piece band.  Six years, five albums, Wise Jennings has played some of the region’s most well knows festivals and venues and been nice to other people😊


So how did we get here?


We started off thinking that this music business would be simple.  We'll just learn some songs and go play them at local bars and events.  Wow, were we naive.  To be honest, this business is really hard!  It's probably a good thing that we didn't realize how difficult it is to make a name in the music scene.  Had we known, we likely never would have started on this path.  But alas, we are stubborn and once we start something, we NEVER quit!

We soon figured out that learning and playing covers wasn't very fun for us so we started to write music.  We were pretty certain that it was going to suck, but we tried it anyway.  Surprisingly, people actually liked our original music!  So we kept doing it.  In short order, we were able to replace our cover material with all original material and the library continues to grow.

Somehow, we've established a place in the original music scene of the Midwest.  We are so grateful for all of the folks that have taken a chance on us by inviting us to perform at their venues and events.  We are so grateful for the fans that have been with us all along the way and all the new ones we meet along the way.  You are what keeps us going.  This gift of music has been beyond fulfilling for us and fills our hearts with so much joy.  So thank you for being part of our journey.  We love you all!


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