Wise Farm Productions was established after Jeff & Melissa held their first festival, Wise Fest, in September of 2018.  Due to the success of Wise Fest #1, they agreed that it was time to take their event planning and promotion activities to another level.


The Wise Farm Productions team is the brainchild and led by Melissa who has been responsible for organizing and promotion of a variety of events in the SE Wisconsin area, including Wise Fest 2019, Feed Your Head Fest, Winter Concert Series at the Lake Geneva House of Music, Brews & Tunes Livestream series, 2020 Barn Burner series and much more.  Jeff has been creating entertaining content for promotion, is in charge hauling stuff from place to place and serves as general eye candy at each event.


We had big plans for 2020 but, well, it's 2020 so...instead of our normal activities we held private gatherings featuring local bands, organized our Brews & Tunes livestream series and started a small scale Barn Burner series.  We hope that 2021 allows us to get back to normal but whatever happens, we'll roll with it.  






For more information on Wise Fest, its mission and plans for 2021 please visit the official Wise Fest website. 




If you are interested in performing at a Wise Farm Productions Event, please contact us using the link below: 


Want perform at one of our events? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Wise Farm Round

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March 2020 Songwriter Night at Studio G.

January Winter Concert

Copy of Winter Party night flyer templat

Broken Souls_Matt Davies May 2 2020

February 2020 Songwriter Night at Studio


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