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Random Comments....the good, the bad and the ugly

Some nice guy on Facebook:    "I never expected to be taken with Americana music like yours.  Even more, you guys are nice people and I like your style."

Another nice guy on Facebook:  "Great original tunes! Every show is a great time of storytelling, music, and usually some drinks involved....I you haven't seen them yet, you're missing out."

Jeff Jennings (Lead Songwriter for the band in question):  Regarding the GRINDER album....'This album is a solid B-".

Joe Wais (Fiddly Diddly for the MilBillies):  'Who is Wise Jennings?"

A really kind lady on Facebook:  "Wonderful music.  They put everything they have in their music and I love listening to them."

Katie Menting (Someone that we thought liked us):  "The album? Meh.  At least they're good looking."

Dizzy Spells (Guitarist extraordinaire from The MilBillies):  "You know they didn't make a cent from your streams, and yet you feel like they took your lunch money and kicked you in the shins."

Some very intuitive person on Facebook:  "It's like Frank Zappa doing Americana."

Dizzy Spells....again:  "My friends think it's cool that I'm a rock critic, but albums like this prove my parents were right.."

Probably Melissa's Mom:  "A superb duo!  Incredibly talented!  Can wait to hear them again."

Dizzy Spells yet again:  "You can't help but wonder where these guys came from and why won't they go back."

Tricia Czech (Melissa's childhood friend, errrr, former friend):  "I've given birth to 4 children. None of those births came close to the pain and trauma this album caused.."

Someone on Facebook who obviously knows what they're talking about:  "Great roots feel, simple and homegrown and yet powerful."

Edwin Wittrock (Facebook follower for all the wrong reasons):  "If playing flat were a key and out of tune a way to BE... you've proved your point indeed!!!"

Don't know who this was but we really like them:  "Nirvana meets Patsy Cline"

Nap-Napoleon Callahan (Is that even a real name?):  We used to enjoy bringing extended family from up here in the NW part of WI for extended timeshare vacations in the Lake Geneva area, but some of my kids & families are musicians, and have kids of their own who seem potential budding musicians of promise, and we're now fearful of stymie-ing the post-covid return to gigging by the middle generation and stunting the growth to that level of the youngest generation, should we force them to expose their ears to this kind of stuff."

Courtney Diana (Musician friend, or so we thought....):  "Jennings? Okay, sure. But Wise? I don’t know. You’d probably be “wise” to sit this album out. I gave it a go. It just didn’t.."

Mike Collins (Expert on all things music in the state of Wisconsin):  "Take solace in the three seconds of solitudinal bliss between tracks. It's only in these moments that the album truly soars."

Tricia Czech...again (insert eye roll):  "I gave this album to my son as a gift. He's still not speaking to me.."



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